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Episode 170 – Military Caregiver Jill Armijo

We celebrate this Memorial Day with the story of a military caregiver whose husband returned from active duty alive but mentally wounded.  Jill Armijo’s husband, Joe, served in the Navy as a machinist and was deployed to a ship in the Persian Gulf just before...

read more Founder Denise M. Brown

Chicago native Denise M. Brown founded at a time when Google, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia didn't even exist.  Everyone told Denise she was wasting her time.  No one would be interested in a website like  She launched the site anyway...

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Episode 167: The Best Seven Years of My Life

George and Carol Shannon were on their last night of vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when Carol had a stroke.  A day later, in a hospital back in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, a million questions went through George's mind. He was still working.  How would he...

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