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The Mitzvah

When aging parents need care, the way they’ve lived their lives up to that point often factors into whether their adult children are willing to help them.  In today’s episode we hear from a daughter who felt duty-bound to help her parents even though her sister...

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Episode 151: Wherever You Are

Cynthia Lim thought she had the perfect life: a loving husband who was also a successful lawyer, her own fulfilling career, two sons thriving in high school and a home in LA loaded with books, music and art.  It all fell apart in June of 2003 when her husband, Perry,...

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Caring for Dad at 32

New Yorker Jennifer Levin talks about how becoming a caregiver for her father at age 32 changed her and why she wrote about her experience in Cosmopolitan digital magazine.  Initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jennifer’s father was eventually diagnosed with...

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From Ragged Edge to California Cool

When her husband proposed a month’s vacation in Mexico, Susan Reid hesitated - fearful of being away from her elderly parents for so long.  Susan’s mother is diabetic and her father has dementia.  Neither parent drives, unless you count the golf cart Susan calls “the...

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Episode 150: Aging in Place with Designer Dale Miller

Nine months after she helped move her parents from New York to Florida, Certified Aging in Place Specialist Dale Miller learned her mother had a brain tumor.  A lifelong New Yorker, Dale pulled up stakes and moved to Florida too, relocating herself and her business as...

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Episode 149: LGBTQ Chaplain Cliff Alburger

For many lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender (LGBTQ) older adults the thought of moving into a long-term care facility means denying your identity and going right back into the closet. One person working to change that is Cliff Alburger, the first LGBTQ Chaplain...

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