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Ronni Bennett: Time Goes By

No one knows what it’s like to be old until they get there. That’s the view of Ronni Bennett, a former radio producer in her 70s who also spent over two decades as a writer and producer in network television in New York City. These days Ronni is busy with her...

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Tamesha Keel: This Is What Normal Looks Like

Brooklyn-born attorney and empowerment guru Tamesha Keel was riding high in her career when her father died and she took on the role of sole caregiver for her mother.  Years earlier her mother had survived a massive brain hemorrhage.  She couldn’t live alone, so she...

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Episode 161 – Katherine Summers: From the Heart

Florida native Katherine Summers stumbled into her career as a paid caregiver.  She had some time on her hands, and friends from her childhood began asking if she could check in on their aging parents.  Katherine found she liked being around the elders, and caring for...

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