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Episode 106: The Hardest Job I’ll Ever Love

55-year-old Maggie McClane is one of millions of working women who often feel like they have to choose between being a good employee and a good daughter.  In Maggie’s case the choice was clear: when her father died, she quit her job to become a 24/7 caregiver for her...

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Episode 104: The Eternal Flame

78-year-old Rosemary Otto is a self-taught, outsider artist whose work is both a form of creative expression and has helped in her recovery from mental illness.  Born in Germany to an American mother and German father, Rosemary now lives in the house where she was...

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Episode 103: The Comic Nurse

MK Czerwiec was not the kid in school who could draw.  But in 1994, during her first nursing job on AIDS Unit 371 in Chicago’s Illinois Masonic Medical Center, she began writing and creating comics as a way of coping with what she witnessed daily: the terrible toll of...

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Episode 102: Leaving Tinkertown

Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico writer Tanya Ward Goodman was joined at the hip with her father Ross Ward, a nationally known carnival artist and creator of the whimsical Tinkertown Museum.  Years later, when Ross was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s...

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Episode 101: The Legacies Project

Jay Nelson believes that regardless of background everyone has a story worth sharing, and that the stories of our elders are especially worth sharing and preserving.  In today’s show Jay talks about The Legacies Project, an oral history project designed by his company...

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