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Episode 110: What You Make Of It

Help Our Wounded (HOW) Founder and President Rosalinda Babin is one of a growing number of parents caring for their veteran sons and daughters.  The Iraq war was less than a month old when Rosie’s son, Alan “Doc” Babin, sustained a near-fatal gunshot wound serving on...

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Episode 109: SquadCare With Sherri Williams

Self-care gets a lot of play in the media, but the truth is we’re all connected and the practice of care involves many people, especially in times of crisis.  In today’s show media scholar and veteran journalist Dr. Sherri Williams brings to life her recent piece for...

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Episode 108: Autism Dad Topher Wurts

Autism Village founder Topher Wurts says that with a special needs diagnosis, a parent’s “imaginary future child” dies all at once instead of by a thousand cuts over twenty years.  In today’s show, Topher shares his family’s caregiving journey with son Kirby, who was...

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Episode 107: The Ground Game

This week as Senators wade through healthcare bills known and unknown, everyday citizens and grassroots campaigns like Caring Across Generations (CAG) continue to push for health policies that reflect the realities of 21st century life.  In today’s show we catch up...

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Episode 106: The Hardest Job I’ll Ever Love

55-year-old Maggie McClane is one of millions of working women who often feel like they have to choose between being a good employee and a good daughter.  In Maggie’s case the choice was clear: when her father died, she quit her job to become a 24/7 caregiver for her...

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