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Episode 126: Life After Caregiving

After ten years of caring for three different family members who died four months apart, Andrea McMillan woke up to the realization that she was no longer responsible for the well-being of anyone but herself and her healthy daughter.  On today’s show, Andrea talks...

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Episode 125 – Iris Waichler: Role Reversal

In her new book, “Role Reversal: How To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Aging Parents” author Iris Waichler combines practical advice for caregivers with her personal story of caring for her father, a colorful World War II veteran who died at age 97.  Iris brought...

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Anything For That Smile (Rebroadcast)

Loretta Veney’s greatest fear is that her mother will outlive her money.  Her great grandmother lived to age 107 and her grandmother to age 98.  Neither had dementia.  But Loretta’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 77.  In today’s show, Loretta...

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Episode 124 – Joy Loverde: Creating A Quality Old Age

Twenty years ago, when author Joy Loverde began thinking about writing her new book, “Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?” the timing wasn’t right.  Back then people were still grappling with the concept of elder care, and Joy’s book “The Eldercare Planner” was a...

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Episode 123 – Matt Gurwell: Beyond Driving With Dignity

Former Ohio state trooper Matt Gurwell talks about his organization Keeping Us Safe and the Beyond Driving With Dignity self-assessment program he created as a proactive measure, after spending years as a trooper delivering bad news to family members about accidents...

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Episode 122 – Peter Rosenberger: Caregiver With Hope

As the Trump administration rolls out its plan to deal with the opioid crisis, author and radio host Peter Rosenberger wants to know why caregivers have not been invited to the table.  Thirty-plus years of handling medications prescribed for his wife’s chronic pain...

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