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Episode 139: Sky Dylan-Robbins on Millennials Stepping Up

Filmmaker and visual journalist Sky Dylan-Robbins talks about her documentary short for NBC Left Field, “Millennials Stepping Up: How Will We Take Care of Our Parents?”  At this pivotal moment in society, where in the next thirty years the population of Americans over...

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Episode 138: Find Your Tribe

In 2007, television, film and social media producer Jen Vargas made a short film for Relay for Life, the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  A year later, the economy tanked and so did Jen’s career. Then her mother was diagnosed with stage one...

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Episode 137 – Dear Max: Dr. Maxine Borowsky Junge

80-year-old Dr. Maxine Borowsky Junge explains why she co-wrote “Dear Myra, Dear Max: A Conversation on Aging” with her friend and colleague Dr. Myra Levick, who at age 93 now lives in an independent living community in South Florida while Max lives alone on Whidbey...

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What You Make Of It (Rebroadcast)

President Trump’s nominee to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, Dr. Ronny Jackson, just withdrew his name from consideration.  But as the VA remains leaderless, the needs of military veterans and their families continue to mount.  In today’s show we revisit an...

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Episode 136: Dear Myra, Dear Max – Dr. Myra Levick

In an era when women were often defined by the work of their husbands, art psychotherapist Dr. Myra Levick earned three degrees, she helped found the American Art Therapy Association and she developed the widely-used Levick Emotional and Cognitive Art Therapy...

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Episode 135: Grammy

Los Angeles-based writer Lauren DePino has always had a soft spot for older adults.  The death of her beloved grandmother hit her especially hard, but Lauren didn’t realize how hard until years later when she met 91-year-old Gloria Kessler, the grandmother of her...

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