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Episode 118: Founder Denise M. Brown

Google, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia didn’t even exist when Chicago native Denise M. Brown started exploring the idea of launching a website for caregivers the early 1990s. Everyone told her she was wasting her time: people don’t go online for the kind of...

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Episode 117: Mom In The Middle

Irene Atkinson grew up in Texas, steeped in European culture: her parents spoke Polish in the house, and her family socialized in Houston’s large Polish-American community.  But the family fabric was disrupted when Irene’s father died; several years later, her...

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Episode 116: Aging Famously

News icon Walter Cronkite and the legendary photographer Gordon Parks are just two of over thirty famous and lesser known people interviewed by Elizabeth Meade Howard for her book, “Aging Famously: Follow Those You Admire To Living Long and Well.”  A journalist and...

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Episode 115: The Fixer

Writer Brandi Neal was twenty-nine years old and living in Maine when she dropped everything and flew to Arizona to help care for her ailing father, a Vietnam War veteran who disappeared from Brandi’s life when she was twelve.  In today’s show, Brandi shares her mixed...

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Episode 114: Not Just A Family Issue

As an elected official in Southern California, Hector De La Torre expanded access to doctors in underserved communities and he helped protect consumers from retroactive cancellation of their health insurance. Now Executive Director of the Transamerica Center For...

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Episode 113: Bleeding Hearts

Pediatric and trauma nurse Tami Reeves talks about her memoir, “Bleeding Hearts: A True Story of Alzheimer’s, Family, And The Other Woman,” the candid story of a husband (Eric) torn between love for his ailing wife (Gaye) and the need to move on.  Tami began dating...

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