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Episode 147 – Sharon Rosenzweig: Drawing Through Grief

For the past six years cartoonist Sharon Rosenzweig has been making comics about her mother and what Sharon refers to as their “adventures with Alzheimer’s Disease.”  When her mother entered hospice, Sharon’s daily practice of drawing her and her caregivers became a...

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SquadCare With Sherri Williams

Self-care gets a lot of play in the media, but the truth is we’re all connected and the practice of care involves many people, especially in times of crisis. In today’s show we talk with media scholar and veteran journalist Dr. Sherri Williams about her piece for Elle...

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Episode 146: Rx4good with Ann Moravick

Rx4good President Ann Moravick expands on her piece for Forbes digital magazine titled, “What’s Love Got to Do with It? When Caring for a Business and Caregiving Converge.”  Ann’s parents were in good health into their nineties, but in the summer of 2017 her mother...

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Marissa Moss: Last Things

Award-winning author and illustrator Marissa Moss is best known for her popular “Amelia’s Notebooks” series.  She took a radical departure from that series with her novel, “Last Things: A Graphic Memoir About ALS,” a deeply personal story of how Marissa coped with the...

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The Wide Circumference of Love

Best-selling author Marita Golden talks about her novel “The Wide Circumference of Love,” in which the real-world impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the African-American community is woven into a fictionalized story.  Marita tells us how writing the novel turned her...

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