Episode 167: The Best Seven Years of My Life

Transcript for EP #167: The Best Seven Years of My Life.  George and Carol Shannon were on their last night of vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when Carol had a stroke.  A day later, in a hospital back in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, a million questions went through George's mind. He was still working.  How would he handle this? How would he be a caregiver? Would he be a caregiver? How long would she be in this condition? Distant and selfish by his own admission, George realized he'd  taken his wife for granted during their entire 41-year marriage.  But he not only rose to the occasion and cared for his wife Carol, along with her he went on a remarkable journey of discovery which allowed him to fall in love with Carol all over again. Co-authors George and his son Chad Shannon share the story in this interview inspired by their book, "The Best Seven Years of My Life: The Story of An Unlikely Caregiver".