Episode 123: Beyond Driving With Dignity

Transcript for EP #123: Beyond Driving With Dignity.  Former Ohio state trooper Matt Gurwell spent years delivering bad news to family members about accidents involving older drivers.  So when he retired as a trooper, he decided to launch the organization Keeping Us Safe as a proactive measure. The organization's Beyond Driving With Dignity self-assessment program empowers older adults in the decision-making process about when it's time to stop driving.  Matt tells us how sibling relationships are torn apart over a parent’s driving in later years, why some older drivers are better than others and why having the older driver make the decision about when to give up the car keys is a big part of how his team convinces the driver to do so. He also talks about the connection between exercise and safe driving, he explains how handicap parking spots actually increase accidents and he offers tips on how to evaluate and implement a program to keep your family safe. This interview is especially useful for adult children concerned about the safety of their parents driving in later years.