Episode 118: CareGiving.com Founder Denise Brown

Transcript for EP #118: CareGiving.com Founder Denise Brown.  Google, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia didn’t even exist when Chicago native Denise M. Brown started exploring the idea of launching a website for caregivers the early 1990s. Everyone told her she was wasting her time: people don’t go online for the kind of information Denise wanted to offer. She launched CareGiving.com anyway, and today the website is a go-to destination for millions of family caregivers desperate for practical advice and encouragement. Denise talks about the origins of CareGiving.com, how the landscape of care has changed since she began working in the field 27 years ago and why family caregiver stress is an epidemic. She shares some lessons from caring for her own parents and explains why it’s important to document your caregiving experience in some way.