Episode 177: Janet Elsbach on "Extra Helping"

Transcript for EP #177: Janet Elsbach: Caring, Connecting & Building Community One Dish At A Time.  Janet Elsbach was raised by people who did a lot of cooking, but she didn't go to professional cooking school.  A home cook inspired by seasonal food, the cravings of those she loves to feed and the idea of bringing people together at the table, Janet knows from personal experience that in times of illness and sorrow there's nothing like the gift of food.  Her new book, “Extra Helping: Recipes for Caring, Connecting, and Building Community One Dish at a Time” includes personal stories from the front lines of care, cooking shortcuts for cooks short on time and tips for tweaking recipes to suit all kinds of dietary restrictions.  Janet tells us how “Extra Helping” came about and how illnesses in her own family changed the way she receives the gift of food. What she hopes to offer, with “Extra Helping,” is not so much a group of recipes but the idea that no matter what, you can begin.