Episode 173: Millennial Caregiver Aisha Adkins

Transcript for EP #173: Aisha Adkins on Millennial Caregiving.  An only child and African American who grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood near Seattle, Aisha Adkins was bullied in school and had forty operations as a child.  But resentment is not in her wheel house.  In 2017, she founded Our Turn2Care, a website that connects young adult caregivers with information, resources and each other.  Aisha helped care for her dad when he had a stroke and she now cares for her mother who has Frontotemporal dementia, the most common form of dementia for people under the age of 60.  Aisha talks about how her childhood prepared her for caring for her mom, getting her Master's degree piecemeal from Georgia State University and her advocacy work on behalf of her fellow Millennial caregivers.  She also shares her learnings from caregiving thus far, and she tells us why she's perfectly happy spending a Saturday evening sitting on the sofa with her parents.