Episode 161: Paid Caregiver Katherine Summers

Transcript for EP #161: Katherine Summers: From the Heart.  Florida native Katherine Summers stumbled into her career as a paid caregiver. She had some time on her hands, and friends from her childhood began asking if she could check in on their aging parents. Katherine found she liked being around the elders, and caring for them came naturally to her. For the past six years she’s cared exclusively for two people who live together: a cancer patient and his mother who has dementia. Katherine tells us how she acts as a buffer between her two fragile clients and what she’s learned from over a decade of caring for other peoples’ family members. She provides tips for finding reliable in-home care, she talks about coming to terms with clients who die and tells us how she counsels family members who are confused about what’s going on with their elderly loved ones. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a home health aide or are just curious to know how a high-quality caregiver manages her job, this interview with a seasoned pro is for you.