Episode 162: Supporting Mental Health Caregivers

Transcript for EP #162: Kristi Horner: Supporting Mental Health Caregivers.  In the U.S., as many as 8.4 million people act as caregivers to adults with emotional or mental health conditions. Mental health caregivers often have a heavier burden of care and higher stress levels than a typical family caregiver. One such caregiver who faced a heavy burden—and ultimately, heartbreak—is Kristi Horner, whose brother suffered from mental illness and took his own life. Kristi is the founder of Courage to Caregivers, a Northeast Ohio non-profit focused exclusively on helping caregivers for a loved one with mental illness. Jana talks with Kristi about her journey with her brother through mental illness, and about how Kristi’s organization is helping caregivers get past the stigma of mental illness by providing them with education, support and empowerment.