Episode 127: The Caregiver Project

Transcript for EP #127: The Caregiver Project.  Theater artist, writer and educator Nell Bang-Jensen believes that instead of staging big shows on a main stage, theater producers might better serve their communities by finding out what people in the community are interested in and engaging them in the artistic process. That's the idea behind a new work in development at the Pig Iron Theater Company, where Nell is the Associate Artistic Director. Nell talks about "The Caregiver Project," a performance piece being shaped by caregivers in the Philadelphia area who are collaborating with Pig Iron, sharing their experiences with care and helping to create a show that opens in June. Nell also talks about her first real exposure to end-of-life issues through the hospice journeys of her Danish grandparents, what she hopes the audience will take away from "The Caregiver Project" and how creating the work has challenged her to represent caregiving in an accurate way while also devising a compelling artistic piece.