Director and Creator Nell Bang-Jensen talks about her play “The Caregivers,” created in collaboration with Philadelphia-area home health aides, hospice workers and family caregivers, several who performed in the play. Part fantasy, part reenacted stories based on the caregivers’ experiences, the social practice performance piece recently ran at Philly’s Pig Iron Theater Company where it sold out all shows.  Nell tells us what was fun and what was challenging about creating the piece, why it was important for her to pay the caregivers who performed in the show and how the audience responded.  Her current focus: finding the next artistic home for “The Caregivers” now that the run has ended. This episode is a follow-up to an earlier conversation with Nell; if you missed it, tune in here: Episode 127: The Caregiver Project.

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Watch the play’s post-show Q&A

Nell Bang-Jensen


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