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Valerie Bourdain: Finding Shelter in the Storm of Cancer

In a span of five years, Nebraska native Valerie Bourdain lost her daughter to adrenal cancer, her mother to lung cancer and her father to Chronic Lymphomatic Leukemia (CLL).  Midway through their daughter’s cancer journey, Valerie's husband left the marriage. ...

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Episode 178 – Before It’s Too Late

In 1996, Mike O’Krent became a volunteer interviewer for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, the largest oral history project captured on video in the world.  The experience of interviewing Holocaust survivors rocked Mike’s world and...

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Episode 176 – What Would The Patient Want?

What happens when a family member or friend is incapacitated and they’re counting on you to make a healthcare decision for them?  Do you take the doctor's advice for treatment?  Or do you push back, knowing the patient would never want the treatment the doctor is...

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Judith Henry: The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving

When Judith Henry's parents became ill in 2007, not even her reputation as a pragmatist, a planner and responsible eldest sibling could prepare her for what lay ahead.  But Judith had one advantage: around age ten she had played a caregiving role for her mother, who...

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