Caregiving expert Jana Panarites engages with professionals in the field of aging and unsung heroes: people caring for family members, friends and relatives amid the demands of their own lives.  Use our search feature at the top of this page to find episodes where guests talk about issues of specific interest to you. Tune in for tips, useful links and entertaining stories of unwavering courage from the field.  Laugh, cry, share and know you’re not alone.

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Episode 69: A Better Way

When Craig Glover added Organ Donor to his driver’s license, he had no idea he would still be alive when he gave up an organ and that his wife Bonnie—who began dialysis treatments at age 51—would be the beneficiary.  But that’s what happened when the couple... read more

Episode 68: Nurturer By Nature

Working in a hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Karen White saw the best and worst of how patients were treated.  The eye-opening experience inspired her to earn an MBA, finish nursing school and start her own quality care company: Home Health Services of the... read more

Episode 67: Crusader For Caregiving Youth

Dr. Connie Siskowski founded the Florida-based American Association of Caregiving Youth to meet the needs of eight to eighteen-year-olds who sacrifice their health, education and childhoods to care for relatives or household members who are ill, disabled or elderly,... read more

Episode 66: Making It Work

Journalist and author Katherine Stewart left New York and moved into her childhood home in Boston to care for her cancer-stricken mother in the last years of her life.  In today’s episode, she talks about the challenges of writing on a deadline while caring for her... read more

Episode 65: Ann Brenoff – Life, Upended

Huffington Post Senior Writer Ann Brenoff writes about caregiving from the perspective of her own hard-earned truths. In today’s episode she describes her harrowing experience of going from having a full, active life with her husband to seeing him leveled by acute... read more

Episode 64: Billie Jordan – Going Out Dancing

Billie Jordan survived a major earthquake in New Zealand but was so traumatized from seeing people die in front of her, she fled to tiny Waiheke Island where she bonded instantly with the senior citizens: death was on their minds, just as it was on hers.  She figured... read more


Scattered sheds a much-needed light on the plight of baby boomers everywhere, eager to thrive in their own lives but put to the test by aging parents–and often unprepared for what lays ahead.

A searingly honest, poignant, and interesting account of a professional woman turned care partner to her mother who was living with dementia.

– Cathie Borrie, Author of The Long Hello: Memory, My Mother, and Me


Author and caregiving expert Jana Panarites was born in Washington, DC. Her memoir, SCATTERED: MY YEAR AS AN ACCIDENTAL CAREGIVER, recounts her experience of rebuilding two lives at once, her mother’s and her own, following her father’s sudden death. A story of optimism and perseverance, it will be familiar to a generation of baby boomers, thrust without warning into reverse parenting amid the demands of their own lives.

In December 2014 Jana founded Agewyz Media Group, LLC to raise awareness in the media about the plight of caregivers in the US and to promote healthy aging across the generations. Through her book, her weekly podcast series and in-person conversations, she aims to inspire individuals, help them feel less isolated, and provide them with tools and resources to make every moment in life count, at every age and even under the most difficult of circumstances.