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Autism Village Founder Topher Wurts

One in 68 children born in the US today is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  The vast majority of them are being raised by single moms, and boys make up roughly three-quarters of those diagnosed.  Faced with these and other alarming statistics, Topher...

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Episode 183 – Suzanne Garber: Unraveling Global Healthcare

Single Payer, Medicare For All, Universal Healthcare - as these phrases get tossed around the presidential debate stage we get real with Suzanne Garber, whose documentary film, "Gauze: Unraveling Global Healthcare" compares and contrasts healthcare systems around the...

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Episode 182 – Cynthia Lim: Carving a New Path After Loss

LA resident Cynthia Lim, author of the book, "Wherever You Are: A Memoir of Love, Marriage and Brain Injury," returns to the show a year after our first interview to talk about how her life has changed since the death of her husband, Perry.  Retired from working in...

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Episode 180: Millennial Caregiver Adrienne Glusman

Adrienne Glusman always knew she would have to care for her mother at some point.  It just happened 30 years sooner than she expected.  An only child of divorced parents, Adrienne was 29 years old and traveling the world in between waitressing gigs in New York City...

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