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Episode 187 – Leslie Gray Streeter: Black Widow

Veteran writer Leslie Gray Streeter established a loyal readership through her Palm Beach Post column, "That Girl." Now a general entertainment columnist at the Post, her writing for the newspaper began in the early 2000s and eventually included mentions of Scott...

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Medication Overload: Time For An Action Plan

In the last two decades the number of people age 65 or older who are taking five or more medications has increased 300 percent.  A problem that is much bigger than America’s opioid crisis, the scope and impact of over-prescribing in older adults is detailed in...

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Episode 186: VIP Care Management With Sonja Kobrin

Geriatric Care Manager Sonja Kobrin was in her twenties when she began caring for the grandparents who raised her.  She had no help and was traumatized by the experience, but it informed her approach years later, when she cared for the biological father who had been...

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Episode 185: LGBTQ Sandwich Generation

Brent Wright is one of 64 million sandwich generation Americans who simultaneously cared for an aging parent and his kids, all under the same roof.  What made their setup unusual?  His mom moved in with Brent and his husband, Sandis, plus their two daughters. Brent...

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Autism Village Founder Topher Wurts

One in 68 children born in the US today is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.  The vast majority of them are being raised by single moms, and boys make up roughly three-quarters of those diagnosed.  Faced with these and other alarming statistics, Topher...

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