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Dr. Pauline Boss on The Grief That Has No End

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many residential care facilities to go on lockdown and implement “no visitor” policies.  As a result, family members with loved ones in care facilities are feeling a heightened sense of “ambiguous loss”—a term coined by pioneering...

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Episode 190 – Nancy Picard: Caregiving in a Crisis

  Like many adult children, psychologist Nancy Picard is determined to prevent her aging parents from contracting COVID-19.  But Nancy and her parents live in separate states.  So she's in daily communication with them, and has wired up their house with cameras...

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Episode 188 – Jason Resendez: LatinosAgainstAlzheimer’s

Growing up in Alice, Texas, Jason Resendez didn't have any experience with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.   But more recently dementia has started to become an issue in his family.  Now the issue has come full circle: as Executive Director of the...

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Episode 187 – Leslie Gray Streeter: Black Widow

  Veteran writer Leslie Gray Streeter established a loyal readership through her Palm Beach Post column, "That Girl." Now a general entertainment columnist at the Post, her writing for the newspaper began in the early 2000s and eventually included mentions of...

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Medication Overload: Time For An Action Plan

In the last two decades the number of people age 65 or older who are taking five or more medications has increased 300 percent.  A problem that is much bigger than America’s opioid crisis, the scope and impact of over-prescribing in older adults is detailed in...

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