Veteran writer Leslie Gray Streeter established a loyal readership through her Palm Beach Post column, “That Girl.” Now a general entertainment columnist at the Post, her writing for the newspaper began in the early 2000s and eventually included mentions of Scott Zervitz, referred to in Leslie’s column as The Gentleman Friend when she and Scott were dating, and The Mister after they married.  Baltimore natives who went to the same high school but didn’t know each other well at the time, Leslie and Scott had re-met after 20 years and become soul mates for life. But tragedy struck in 2015, when 44-year-old Scott died of a heart attack and Leslie became a widow.  By her own admission, she was not cut out for the role.  Five years after Scott’s death, Leslie shares her moving love story and twisty path through grief and loss toward healing in her new memoir, Black Widow: A Sad-Funny Journey Through Grief for People Who Normally Avoid Books with Words Like “Journey” in the Title.  On the show and in print, Leslie has a few things to say about grief.  Aging, too.  Black Widow will be published March 10, 2020 by Little, Brown.


Leslie Gray Streeter


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Leslie’s website: Leslie Gray Streeter
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Leslie’s husband, Scott, died on July 29, 2015.  Later that year, her editors at the Palm Beach Post persuaded her to share some of the many condolence letters she received from readers of her column.

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