“You Don’t Respect What You Don’t Inspect.”

These words of wisdom from Peter Rosenberger, the self-described crash test dummy of caregivers who I recently interviewed for The Agewyz Podcast apply in so many ways to caregivers — everyday warriors who care for family members, friends and relatives amid the demands of their own lives.

There are 65 million caregivers in the United States, and the number is growing.

And yet… caregivers are rarely consulted when it comes to policies that directly affect their lives and the lives of those they care for… a fact Peter Rosenberger amplifies in his interview on ABC’s “This Week With Bob Mueller”, where Peter speaks about the impact of opioids on the family caregiver.

Peter’s interview is a refreshingly honest take on this issue.  Click here to watch the video:  The Impact of The Opioid Crisis on Caregivers