Like many adult children, psychologist Nancy Picard is determined to prevent her aging parents from contracting Covid-19.  But Nancy and her parents live in separate states.  So she’s in daily communication with them, and has wired up their house with cameras placed at strategic locations – at foot level, to give her parents some privacy.  A returned Peace Corps volunteer who has supported people from age four to 94 as a clinician and researcher, Nancy also focuses on supporting people’s needs for reminders through her health care startup, MemoryBeach.  As a psychologist and as a daughter who has cared for her elderly parents, Nancy understand the stresses of the moment and how everyday can feel incredibly long.  She’s here to offer comfort and advice to caregivers, for surviving as individuals with their own needs, and as sons and daughters  tasked with filling the needs of family members and friends.


Nancy Picard, PhD – Founder of MemoryBeach


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