Cynthia Lim thought she had the perfect life: a loving husband who was also a successful lawyer, her own fulfilling career, two sons thriving in high school and a home in LA loaded with books, music and art.  It all fell apart in June of 2003 when her husband, Perry, suffered a cardiac arrest and brain injury, lingering in a coma for ten days. When Perry woke up, he was unable to form sentences and he was completely dependent on others.  Cynthia talks about the wrenching realities of her new life after Perry’s catastrophic event, from wanting to leave him in an institution and battling with the medical community to finding services and support for Perry all on her own and caring for him throughout his recovery.  She did it all while working full-time, seeing one son off to college and guiding the other through high school, and trying desperately to find connection with her husband of twenty years. Cynthia’s story of reinvention and reimagining life with disability is captured in her memoir, “Wherever You Are: A Memoir of Love, Marriage, and Brain Injury.”  This episode is sponsored by Hero.

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Perry, Zack, Cynthia and Paul on the day Zack graduated from high school. Soon after this photo was taken, Perry had his heart attack.



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