There are many options for listening to The Agewyz Podcast:

  • Here on the Agewyz website (click on the “Listen to Podcasts” button below)
  • iTunes
  • Simplecast
  • Google Podcasts
  • Stitcher

Click on the links below to listen in!

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What's a Podcast?

Lots of really smart people go bug-eyed or try to change the subject when the word podcast comes up in a conversation. The good news is, compared with caregiving, podcasts are a cake walk.

So here’s the deal: podcasts are basically radio shows that you can listen to in two ways: by playing the shows through a website (also known as streaming); or by downloading the podcast on your computer, tablet or smartphone and then listening to shows whenever you’re in the mood (no Internet connection needed).

To STREAM a podcast: Go to a website like and click the Play button on any episode that strikes your fancy.

To DOWNLOAD a podcast: Have it automatically sent to your tablet or phone every week, using an app.

=> For iPads and iPhones, use the Podcasts app, which you download through the App Store. Once the Podcast app is on your device, search for The Agewyz Podcast and click Subscribe.

=> For Android phones or tablets, download the hot new Google Play Music app, available from Google Play. Click the Install button, and when the app is installed search for The Agewyz Podcast, then click on the Agewyz logo and click Subscribe.

That’s all there is to it!