Not one of us knows what it’s like to be old until we get there. So says 76-year-old Ronni Bennett, a former radio producer who also spent over 25 years as a writer and a producer in network television in New York and was managing editor of the first CBS news website.  These days Ronni is busy with her acclaimed blog “Time Goes By,” where she explores aging with humor, compassion and uncommon candor.  In today’s show, Ronni talks about the evolution of her blog and she tells us what’s good about getting older.  She weighs in on the eTrade Super Bowl ad featuring older adults and how media fuels America’s rampant ageism, she tells us why she decided to write about her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and why she was hit hard by the recent Op-Ed piece, “Am I Going Blind?” by New York Times writer Frank Bruni. Tune in for some real talk on aging from a straight shooter who lives with uncertainty, with grace and humor.

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Ronni Bennett

Ronni’s website: Time Goes By
“Am I Going Blind?” by Frank Bruni (New York Times, 2/23/18)
Ronni’s blog piece in response to the Bruni piece: An Extraordinary Personal Health Essay