Loretta Veney’s greatest fear is that her mother will outlive her money.  Her great grandmother lived to age 107 and her grandmother to age 98.  Neither had dementia.  But Loretta’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 77.  In today’s show, Loretta talks about journeying with her mother through Alzheimer’s and about her book “Being My Mom’s Mom.”  She describes the hilarious, poignant tale of her mother’s escape from her group home and the “earthly angels” who helped return her to safety, how she adapted to her mother’s reading aloud phase and the grocery store drama that led to a customer pleading with Loretta for help managing her anger issues with her mother.  Loretta also talks about her husband’s death, coping with loss and why Lego bricks play a key role in her caregiver training.  Tune in for an inspiring conversation with this fifth generation Washingtonian.  Note: this episode originally aired May 18, 2017.


Loretta and her mom


Loretta’s website:  Loretta Veney
2017 New York Times Article:  “Hard-Won Advice in Books on Aging and Elder Care”
Documentary on Alzheimer’s for NPT:  Loretta & her mom come on about 15-1/2 minutes in
2016 Washington Post article:  “How Alzheimer’s Turned a Daughter Into Her Mom’s Mom”
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Music: “Even When We Fall” by Philipp Weigl | CC BY | Free Music Archive