Why are conversations about death so hard?  And how can we learn to say goodbye in a healthy way?  Author Julie Saeger Nierenberg explores these and other tough questions in her book “Daddy, This Is It: Being-With My Dying Dad.”  On today’s show, Julie tells us how her father’s terminal cancer forced her to confront a host of end-of-life issues and led her to think differently about hospice care.  She tells us why she believes the last chapter of life is as important as each chapter along the way, and about how she learned to say goodbye to her father in a healthy way in the last days of his life.  Note: this episode originally aired March 9, 2017. Julie’s latest book, “Journey’s End: Death, Dying and the End of Life” is available here: Journey’s End

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Explore her book, Daddy This is It: Being-With My Dying Dad
Julie’s website: Julie Saeger Nierenberg
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Julie and her father, Armin



Julie’s latest book, with Victoria Brewster.


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