LA resident Cynthia Lim, author of the book, “Wherever You Are: A Memoir of Love, Marriage and Brain Injury,” returns to the show a year after our first interview to talk about how her life has changed since the death of her husband, Perry.  Retired from working in the LA Unified School District, Cynthia has also raised two grown sons and been a fulltime caregiver for her husband.  She talks about the gradual changes she’s made, to her house and in her life, now realizing this is a point in her life where she has the freedom to actually do what she wants to do.  Traveling on her own still comes with feelings of guilt, but Cynthia recently gained perspective talking with others at a recent conference of the Well Spouse Association, where she delivered a keynote speech.  Cynthia Lim holds a BA in Experimental Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, a Masters in Social-Work from UC Berkeley, and a PhD in Social Welfare from UCLA.  Her husband, Perry, passed away on April 30, 2018.

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