What happens when a gay, middle-aged daughter who has never gotten along with her makeup-addicted, former television singer mother is suddenly thrust into the role of her caregiver? That’s the subject of James Beard Award-winning food writer Elissa Altman’s new book, “Motherland: A Memoir of Love, Loathing and Longing.”  Jana talks with Elissa about how “Motherland” evolved and what it was like for the author to revisit her complex relationship with her mother, Rita, this time through the prism of hands-on care.  At age 56, after countless therapy sessions and the publication of three memoirs, Elissa finally has a healthy relationship with her mother.  The key to their success?  Setting firm boundaries.  Elissa is still actively engaged in Rita’s life, but they no longer speak fourteen times a day.  Tune in for a lively conversation.

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