Self-care gets a lot of play in the media, but the truth is we’re all connected and the practice of care involves many people, especially in times of crisis.  In today’s show media scholar and veteran journalist Dr. Sherri Williams brings to life her recent piece for, “It Takes A Squad to Care For An Elder,” which captures her family’s response to the news that her grandmother had pancreatic cancer. Sherri tells us why—in the midst of earning her PhD—she dropped everything and traveled to Michigan to be with her grandmother, a news junkie and fan of Jay-Z, how the experience of her grandmother’s final days changed her and what she learned that others may find helpful.   We also dip into some of Sherri’s other work, hearing her views on immigration and the care workforce.  Dr. Sherri Williams is an assistant professor in race, media and communication at American University.

“It Takes A Squad to Care For An Elder” by Sherri Williams (7/26/17 –
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Sherri and her grandmother Celestine Marie Burnside


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