Writer Ann Campanella was 33 years old and hoping to become a mother when her own mother began showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease.  As her mother declined, Ann suffered a series of miscarriages that compounded her feelings of grief for the mother who was slipping away from her.  On the show Ann talks about her experience, captured in her memoir “Motherhood: Lost and Found.”  She tells us how she got through the long stretch of grey days caring for her mother at a time when her friends were caring for their own kids, about the painful experience of taking her mom to Duke University Medical Center and why she’s reaching out to people in similar circumstances.  Ann is actively involved with AlzAuthors, which works to raise awareness, reduce stigma and lend support to people whose lives have been touched by dementia.

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Explore Ann’s website: anncampanella.com
Amazon page for Ann’s book: “Motherhood: Lost and Found”
Learn more about AlzAuthors: alzauthors.com


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