Filing a lawsuit can be an expensive and drawn out process—challenging factors for anyone, but especially older Americans, even if they’re healthy. In today’s episode California civil rights attorney Angela Oh talks about why mediation is a better strategy than litigation for resolving disputes and what she’s seeing in her work as a mediator in an aging and diverse America, and she offers tips on what to do if you have a dispute in housing or with a service provider. Angela also talks about how her family is preparing to meet the needs of her own aging parents, Korean immigrants whose cultural practices are outside the mainstream.

California legislation cited in this podcast:

Fair Employment and Housing Act: FEHA
Ralph Civil Rights Act
Unruh Civil Rights Act
Federal agencies cited:
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: EEOC
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development: HUD

Music: “Hung Balance” by Ketsa | CC BY NC ND | Free Music Archive