When her father crawled out of a window in the middle of the night, Lisa Howland had to make a thousand calculations at once to coax him back inside her house. What happened next was equally harrowing for this only child of divorced parents, whose father—a retired businessman—was incorrectly diagnosed many times before he was given a correct medical diagnosis. In today’s episode Lisa describes the progression of her father’s Lewy Body dementia and the extreme measures she took to keep him safe, she offers advice for stressed-out caregivers and her thoughts on long-term care in the US. Tune in for this vivid account of a fiercely devoted daughter, who learned to sleep with one eye open during her unpredictable ride.

Learn more and get help here: Lewy Body Dementia

Music: “Ascent” and “Mangata” by Jon Luc Hefferman | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive