Author Judith Henry was living in Los Angeles when she noticed a pattern emerging in her weekly phone calls with her parents, who lived in Florida: her mother’s voice was getting weaker while her father’s was getting louder. In today’s episode, Judith shares her story of returning to Florida for the last years of her parents’ lives and she tells us how her “caregiver-in-training” childhood prepared her for those years. She also talks about her moving and funny memoir, which mixes anecdotes from her childhood with practical caregiving advice. Tune in for a lively conversation that features an astrologer’s prediction, a time-out for dad during Chanukah dinner and the tale of a mother who planned her own funeral.

Check out Judith’s memoir and her work: Judith Henry

Music: “Barbara” by U.S. Army Blues (Public Domain); and “Swing 39” by Latché Swing | CC BY NC SA | Free Music Archive