Memphis-born writer Deborah Shouse believes engaging creatively with people who have dementia benefits both the caregiver and care recipient.  In the first of this two-part conversation she describes the unsettling visit with her parents where she first saw signs of dementia in her mother, how her family learned to make decisions with the needs of everyone in mind and her father’s heartbreaking devotion to his wife’s care.  Deborah also talks about her book “Love In Land of Dementia” and she shares her own creative approach to journeying through Alzheimer’s with her mother.  Tune in for an inspiring conversation with this pioneering advocate and storyteller extraordinaire.

Connect with Deborah here: Dementia Journey

Music: “Secrets” (Instrumental) by Yeyey | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive

Join us next Thursday, June 23rd for Part 2 of the conversation!