Krysta Close and her siblings all live in different cities, but they banded together to figure out a new living situation for their mother when they realized her memory was declining and it wasn’t safe for her to continue living alone. Krysta’s mom, a retired psychiatrist who was born in Poland, had taken it upon herself to get a neuropsychological exam because she too was worried about her forgetfulness.  Her eventual diagnosis: early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. In today’s show Krysta talks about the process of moving her mother from Milwaukee to LA, how she went about choosing an assisted living facility for her mom, the chaos of her temporary stay with Krysta before moving into the ALF and the joy of watching her mother bond with Krysta’s young son.  She also shares some of her caregiving stresses, what she learned navigating the healthcare system and how she’s preparing for her mom’s future.

Email if you’d like the contact information for the California-based health insurance broker Krysta mentioned in the show.  The broker’s services are free and he specializes in the needs of older adults.

Music: “Reflections Across the Sky” by Scott Holmes | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive