When Craig Glover added Organ Donor to his driver’s license, he had no idea he would still be alive when he gave up an organ and that his wife Bonnie—who began dialysis treatments at age 51—would be the beneficiary.  But that’s what happened when the couple participated in Florida’s first ever four-way paired kidney exchange, which saved a total of four lives.  In today’s episode, Craig and Bonnie talk about their dual transplants, caring for each other before and after the operations and connecting with the kidney transplant community in Florida.  They also talk about how and why they started their company, A Better Way Home Care, which serves a diverse population and is the only home health care agency in Palm Beach County certified by a national organization (SAGE) to serve the LGBT elder population.

Bonnie and Craig’s home care company: A Better Way Home Care

Learn more about the amazing four-way paired kidney exchange the Glovers took part in: Kidney Exchange

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