Victoria Negri is a member of the millennial generation, but her father was a veteran of World War II and he developed Parkinson’s disease before Vicki turned 20.  In today’s episode, Vicki talks about her new film “Gold Star,” which was inspired by the last years of her father’s life, and which Vicki wrote, directed and stars in alongside the renowned actor Robert Vaughn, who plays her father in the film.  Vicki also talks about what it was like growing up with a dad who people often mistook for her grandfather but who was so physically fit he ran a marathon at age 65, how she and her father communicated through a magnet board after he had a stroke and could no longer speak, her parents’ deep love for each other despite their 37-year age difference and the meaning behind the title of her film.

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Music: “Blizzard (PON I)” by Kai Engel | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive