Jaime Estremera-Fitzgerald is a CEO on a mission.  As head of South Florida’s Area Agency on Aging, known locally as Your Aging and Disability Resource Center, he leads a team dedicated to serving seniors, adults with disabilities and the people who care for them.  In today’s show, Jaime talks about caring for his own parents, who lived well into their nineties, the complex emotions he felt moving his father into an assisted living facility and why he chose a facility that reflects the Cuban/Puerto Rican culture his father grew up in.  Jaime also explains how the Center connects people with a vast array of home and community-based services that allow them to continue to age in place, and he shares the story of a daughter’s panicked call over her mother and how his team jumped in to resolve the situation.

Learn more: Your Aging And Disability Resource Center
Call the Helpline: 866-684-5885

Music: “Tower of Mirrors” by Blue Dot Sessions | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive