For the past fifteen years Kim Schofield has been living with Lupus, a disease her employer didn’t accept as valid because Lupus is an invisible disability.  In today’s show, Kim talks about how her life changed after her diagnosis, from getting fired for having a chronic disease to meeting with her Senator and becoming a social justice activist with the organization 9to5: Winning Justice For Working Women.  Kim also talks about the current status of Georgia’s Family Care Act, which she and 9to5 are working to get passed, the legacy she wants to leave for her daughter and why she’s mobilizing to be part of the solution not the problem.

Blog post by Kim mentioned in the program: We All Need Paid Leave
About 9to5: Winning Justice For Working Women
Georgia’s Family Care Act: Fact Sheet
Wake Forest Study: Benefits of Workplace Flexibility
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act: FMLA
More about Lupus: Lupus Foundation

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