Author Julie Saeger Nierenberg believes that although death is an inevitable part of life, how we choose to be with the dying and the bereaved is up to us.  In today’s show we talk about her book, “Daddy, This Is It: Being-With My Dying Dad,” about how Julie chose to move through the end of life issues presented by her father’s metastatic cancer.  Shuttling between her home in Toronto and her dad’s bedside in Oklahoma, Julie learned to think differently about hospice care, how to say goodbye in a healthy way and why the last chapter of life is as important as each chapter along the way.  Why are conversations about death so hard, despite the popularity of movements like Death Cafe?  All this and more in today’s episode.

Julie’s book:  Daddy, This Is It: Being-With My Dying Dad
Explore her website:  CreateWrite
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Julie and her dad, Armin circa 2004.


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