Writer/Director Liz Levine talks about a new web series she co-created with Jessie Award winning actress France Perras, who plays a caregiver (Madeleine) with a talking goldfish (Myrtle) who helps her cope with the strain of caring for twins and her aging parent, who has Alzheimer’s disease.  We hear how Liz got involved with the web series after years of producing for film and television, what considerations went into the making of the pilot episode and why Liz and her team believe caregiver projects like this are essential.

Watch the pilot episode here: M&M Pilot

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“Across My Land” (2017 Cannes) & “Story of a Girl” (Dir. by Kyra Sedgwick): Random Bench

Music: “Tomoshibi” by Kakurenbo | CC BY NC | Free Music Archive