Peter Fox has a natural connection with older adults.  An only child whose parents had him later in life and who were his best friends growing up, he also cared for an elderly neighbor in New York and now looks after a 92-year-old in his Palm Beach condominium.  But it’s his partner Gary who he anticipates caring for in a big way in the near future. Although he’s fit and not on any medication, Gary is 73 years old.  Peter is 38.  In today’s show the couple talks about their age difference, how they support each other and their end-of-life wishes.  Peter also talks about his own health complications, his fears about the rise of hate crimes, healthcare from the LGBT perspective and why his new specialty is dry parties. Tune in for a moving story of two men from different generations aging together with grace.

Music: “Barbara” by US Army Blues, Live at Blues Alley | Public Domain