Licensed Clinical Social Worker Jennifer Schosheim is one of America’s low-profile but critical pieces of the healthcare puzzle delivering person-centered care outside the operating room.  In today’s show, Jennifer tells us about her work counseling cancer patients and their caregivers, including parents of children who don’t know how to talk to their children about mom or dad’s cancer.  A millennial in her early thirties, Jen has had conversations both with her patients and her parents about end-of-life issues.  She tells us how to start the conversation, provides listeners with coping strategies and tells us what she does to seek balance in her own life amid the difficulties of her work.  A Boca Raton, Florida native, Jen’s passion for oncology social work was sparked at a hospital in New York City, where she lived for several years before returning to Florida to be closer to her family.

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Jennifer Schosheim

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