The challenges of his political career were nothing compared to the steep learning curve faced by former Wisconsin Governor Martin J. Schreiber when his wife Elaine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and he plunged into the role of spousal caregiver.  In today’s show, Marty shares his harrowing climb up the rocky Alzheimer’s mountain and he discusses his book, “My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, And Surviving As An Alzheimer’s Caregiver.”  From what he learned in counseling to the value of therapeutic fibbing and why ignorance of Alzheimer’s is worse than the disease itself, Schreiber offers sage advice for his fellow caregivers and a rallying cry for policymakers to address the looming crisis of dementia care.  Note: this episode originally aired February 23, 2017.

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“My Two Elaines” website:
“Living With Alzheimer’s” by Martin Schreiber, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (12/26/16)
Alzheimer’s 24/7 Hotline – 800-272-3900


Marty and Elaine, 2018.


Marty and Elaine in 1985.


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