Veteran journalist Paula Span has had personal experience with many of the issues explored in her twice-monthly column for The New York Times, “The New Old Age”—the only dedicated real estate at the Times that talks about aging issues and caregiving.  On the show, Paula shares some of those experiences and tells us about the evolution of the column and the story behind some of her pieces, including one on the growing use of medical marijuana among seniors and another on a program for medical students that involves interacting with older adults.  She also weighs in on ageism, the realities of aging in place, reader reactions to some of her more popular pieces and how the landscape of care has changed.  About to turn seventy years old, Paula is strategizing for her own future care needs but has no plans to retire; besides her “New Old Age” column, she writes the “Generation Grandparent” column for the Times and she teaches at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  Tune in for a wide-ranging conversation chock full of useful information.

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New York Times articles by Paula Span mentioned in the show:

“Every Older Patient Has A Story: Medical Students Need to Hear It” (10/12/18)
“Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana” (12/7/18)
“A Retirement Community Turned Away These Married Women” (8/17/18)
“A Quiet Drug Problem Among the Elderly” (3/16/18; one in a series)

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The New Old Age columnist Paula Span

Journalist Paula Span.