After ten years of caring for three different family members who died four months apart, Andrea McMillan woke up to the realization that she was no longer responsible for the well-being of anyone but herself and her healthy daughter.  On today’s show, Andrea talks about life after caregiving, or what she describes as emerging from a coma, from expanding her wardrobe beyond the same few outfits worn day in and day out and pursuing dormant passions, to carving out a new identity for herself, exhaling and learning how to laugh again. Andrea also talks about the brother who was checked out during her caregiving decade, how her attitude toward him has changed and how she continues to evolve on her journey of rediscovery.  Note: this episode is a follow-up to our interview conducted with Andrea in May 2016. If you missed it, check it out here: Episode 46: The Star Thrower.

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Andrea at her family plot in West Palm Beach, October 2013. Photo by Bill Ingram.


Andrea today, number one after a race.


Andrea and her daughter, December 2017.


Music: “Wounds” (remix) and “Falling Sky” by Ketsa | CC BY NC ND | Free Music Archive