Journalist and author Katherine Stewart left New York and moved into her childhood home in Boston to care for her cancer-stricken mother in the last years of her life.  In today’s episode, she talks about the challenges of writing on a deadline while caring for her mother and two small kids and how her husband, also a writer, helped to make it all work. Katherine also reflects on the problems that arise when family members and society don’t view caregiving as real labor and she discusses her piece for The Nation, “Inequality Has Gotten So Bad That We’re Offshoring Our Grandparents” which examines the growing number of Americans choosing to retire overseas because they can’t afford to grow old in the US.

Click on the titles below to read Katherine’s recent pieces on aging and elder care:

Inequality Has Gotten So Bad That We’re Offshoring Our Grandparents
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At Catholic Hospitals, a ‘Right To Life’ but Not a Right To Death

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