Singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer Kate Schutt was packed and set to leave for a gig in the Middle East when she learned that her mother had stage 3c ovarian cancer.  Kate broke her contract, moved in with her mother and became her primary caregiver for the next four years.  On the show she talks about returning to live in her childhood home, the intense journey with her mother from cancer diagnosis to death and writing about life and loss for her forthcoming album, “Bright Nowhere,” which Kate is working on with legendary producer/arranger Rob Mounsey.  Kate riffs on the deep conversations she and her mother had during their time together, how they connected through music and how Kate and her music changed as a result of her caregiving and loss.  She tells us what inspired her TEDx talk, “A Grief Casserole: How to Help Your Friends and Family Through Loss” and how she’s learning how to lean into self-care after putting so much of herself on hold.  NPR calls Kate’s singing “glassily clear and glossily sweet.”  Tune in and hear why.

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Kate’s TEDx talk, plus music and writings: KS Website
Kate’s music on Soundcloud
Seamus Heaney poem which inspired the title, “Bright Nowhere” (one of Kate’s songs for the new album): Clearances