Life was humming along for artist Rolando Chang Barrero, until one day he went to sleep and he didn’t wake up for three weeks.  A middle-age, openly gay man, Rolando always thought he would die of AIDS.  Instead he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  That was fourteen years ago.  In today’s show, Rolando shares the physical and emotional stages of his disease and he explains how his life has changed as a cancer survivor.  He talks about the path his art has taken, how the roles in his Cuban family are shifting as his parents age and about his advocacy work with transgendered youth and people battling addiction.  Rolando also offers his perspective on the benefits of being single, and he tells us how he’s preparing for older age.

Learn more about Rolando’s work and his gallery: The Box Gallery
Upcoming show in West Palm Beach: Faces In Flux | Harold’s Coffee Lounge


From the “Pajaros” series | Rolando Chang Barrero

From the “Faces In Flux” series | Rolando Chang Barrero

Rolando Chang Barerro

Music: “Coco” | Radio Jarocho and Zenen Zeferino Huervo | CC BY NC ND | Free Music Archive