Working in a hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Karen White saw the best and worst of how patients were treated.  The eye-opening experience inspired her to earn an MBA, finish nursing school and start her own quality care company: Home Health Services of the Palm Beaches, which provides in-home care for people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. In today’s episode, Karen talks about her journey from nursing assistant to company founder and how her aunt’s decline influenced her path.  She also explains why patients don’t always get the care they need in hospitals, why it’s important to foster a culture of compassion in her company, what she looks for in hiring and how she supports staff members who encounter racism on the job.

Contact Karen to see how Home Health Services of the Palm Beaches can help you: 561-370-7413

Music: “Quest to the Temple of the Sun” by Dlay | CC BY NC ND | Free Music Archive