Financial relief may be in sight for some of America’s 43 million unpaid caregivers. A new online interactive tool created by The American Elder Care Research Organization (AECRO) helps families identify programs offering financial assistance to caregivers.

The tool is a breeze to use: you just answer a few questions, and the Paid Caregiver Program Locator identifies and explains any available programs applying to your situation. Benefits and eligibility requirements are detailed with the click of a mouse.

Can I Be Paid?

Financial assistance programs vary by state and are heavily weighted in favor of military veterans and low-income individuals. But if you don’t qualify for assistance, chances are you’ll find some useful information elsewhere on AECRO’s well-organized website.

AECRO founders Alex and Carol Guerrero created their website after their trying experience of creating a financial plan for an elderly loved one. Frustrated by the maze of confusing forms and eligibility requirements, web developer Alex joined forces with attorney and estate planner Carol. Their combined talents resulted in an easy-to-understand website with information about over 400 financial assistance programs.

Access the Paid Caregiver Program Locator here: Program Locator

AECRO’s main website is here: Paying for Senior Care