As the Trump administration rolls out its plan to deal with the opioid crisis, author and radio host Peter Rosenberger wants to know why caregivers have not been invited to the table.  Thirty-plus years of handling medications prescribed for his wife’s chronic pain have convinced him this public health emergency goes beyond people buying drugs on the street: it is rampant in the world of care.  In today’s show, Peter explains how opioid abuse intersects with caregiving, why he calls himself the “crash test dummy of caregivers” and what he’s learned from caring for his wife, Grace, a double amputee.  He tells us why he’s on a mission to strengthen his fellow caregivers and offers practical advice for coping, how he “works out the kinks” in his soul while caring for Grace and about the prosthetic limb ministry he started called Standing With Hope.

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Peter’s Op-Ed, “Caregivers need help navigating the opioid crisis” (Washington Examiner, 11/12/17)
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Grace and Peter Rosenberger


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