A few months after their 50th wedding anniversary, Helene Berger’s husband Ady was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. When the doctor gave him the news, Ady replied, “I don’t want to live anymore.”  From that moment on, Helene vowed to find creative ways to make their lives as joyful as possible for as long as possible.  It wasn’t always easy.  But Helene learned a lot along the way, and she took notes which became the basis for her new book, “Choosing Joy; Alzheimer’s: A Book of Hope.”  Helene tells us how she and Ady worked together to communicate in a positive way, which not only led to fewer instances of Ady’s inappropriate behavior but allowed them both to feel empowered.  She shares the mantra she developed for herself when Ady asked her the same questions over and over, and she tells us how she went from giving unpleasant aides the benefit of the doubt to sending them packing.  We all have the power to respond to mental or physical decline in a positive way.  Find out how in Helene’s book, “Choosing Joy; Alzheimer’s: A Book of Hope.”

Helene’s book: “Choosing Joy; Alzheimer’s: A Book of Hope”

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Helene Berger and her book "Choosing Joy - Alzheimer's: A Book of Hope