Writing “The Wide Circumference of Love” turned best-selling author Marita Golden into an Alzheimer’s activist.  In today’s show she tells us why and about the process of writing her novel, in which the real world impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the African-American community is woven into a fictionalized story.  Marita shares some alarming facts, uncovered during her research for the novel, about the impact of Alzheimer’s on communities of color, she tells us how she was transformed by her experience of being embedded with the staff and residents of a memory care unit and she ponders some big questions about how Alzheimer’s is changing America.  Marita also talks about the colorful, pre-gentrified Washington, DC neighborhood where she grew up, she offers some caregiver strategies gleaned from the writing of her book and she tells us about a new anthology project to raise funds for Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

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Marita’s website: Marita Golden
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Amazon: Book page
Link to Washington Post Magazine article: “African Americans are more likely than whites to develop Alzheimer’s. Why?”
Submit a short narrative for consideration in Alzheimer’s caregiver anthology: info@maritagolden.com

Marita Golden


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